Discover The Secret To Massive Agency Growth

New eBook Show's How To Get 10-20 Appointment's Per day! 


So How Do You Fill Your Pipeline With 15-20 Appointments Daily?

From The Couch of Ross Christifulli

Tell me if this sounds familiar....


"All you have to do is send 50 emails a day"


"Call 30 numbers a day"


"Just grow a Facebook group"


"Send out 40 LinkedIn messages per day"


If any of this rings a bell then listen up! Just 3 years ago I was exhausted... Unlike many of you I had about 34 clients and I was doing EVERYTHING myself. 


It was 3 days into a vacation in Miami that the straw broke the camels back.  I had spend the entire trip on my laptop, phone, etc... You see this picture of me below? It looks like i'm living the dream poolside. In reality, I was miserably tied to my agency. 

But this didn't only work for me.


Tyler had 1 client on and off. He was selling vacuum cleaners for a living while trying to grow an agency. He implemented this strategy and within 6 months he was at 25k/mo and had a team working around him.


Now he sits over 40k/mo and just moved to Texas to enjoy better food with his fiance!


He has an agency that most people can only dream of... all while maintaining the freedom we all desire.

I was wearing all the hats... Appointments, Sales Calls, Facebook Ads, Funnels, reporting, client relationships...


And I realized something. I realized why all the "GURUS" hit 10k mo/ and quit agency to start a course. 




I want to rephrase this.


Right now if you are trying to wear all of the hats and you actually succeed... you will be miserable!


Not only that, I discovered that when I started to build a commission based team it was so much easier to grow. I got my life back and my income skyrocketed!


I quickly realized I was on to something! Suddenly people who had no traction at all... were getting appointments like crazy!


Check out a few of our examples below.

Appointments are great! 


But you know what's even better? SALES. 


Check this out...


Last December Nick was expecting to have a slower month. But with our help, they closed over 20 new clients in a single month!


They charge their clients from $2500 - $3500 per month, so as you can imagine they were pumped.

So let's get down to business...


Would you like to learn what they were doing in detail? 


Would you love to wake up in the morning and see 15-20 appointments book out for the week... and better yet, have closer closing them?


If so I can hand you the exact process, pages, training's etc... In my program for just $3497! Which is a steal compared to the value. But maybe you do not want to spend $3497 just yet? What if I gave you the high level blue print for just $9.97? 


I will give you about 50 pages of learning in my ebook that teach you:


- The structure of my agency

- How I get stay at home moms to cold call for only $15/appointment

- How to get great closers to work on commission only!

- How to get your clients amazing results without lifting a finger....


If you got just ONE appointment from this eBook would it be well worth the $9.97?


So I want to make you a deal... If you buy this eBook and implement the strategy... And you do not get a single appointment! I will give you your $9.97 back immediately.


I have seen nothing but success with this method. And now it can be your too!


I look forward to seeing you in my community.


-Ross Christifulli

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Discover The Secret To Massive Agency Growth

New eBook Show's How To Get 10-20 Appointment's Per day!